Mirror Universe

Creating a memorable character is an art.
Unfortunately not everybody is an artist.

Each Volume of Mirror Universe is a toolkit containing 12 different characters concepts and illustrations to help Players and Game Masters create new and exciting heroes or villains.
Use the concepts you like most for your next villain or steal an idea or two for a scenario. You can use the characters of Mirror Universe as crooks or vigilantes, as Player Characters or Non-Player Characters.

Each sheet in the PDF is fully illustrated in the style of modern animated tales and contains an easily assembled stand-up figure for display during the game (and great for conventions too), a stand-up miniature (for actual gaming), and a character counter.

Print what you need and archive the rest for future use!

What!? Your printer is cartridge hungry?

No problem!
Just print the B&W line art sheets and color them with pastels or markers for extra customization (a great way to let your little brother or daughter enjoy your hobby).

As an extra you’ll find Condition Tokens for use with M&M Superlink games. Your hero has been Incapacitated by Dr. deLight? Put a token in the character stand-up, and everyone will remember.

Mirror Universe is a gaming aid intended for M&M Superlink players and GMs alike, but can be freely used with any Modern and Superhero RPG with no need of conversion (such as SUPER!).

  • 12 color stand-up portraits
  • 12 b/w stand-up portraits
  • 6 bad guy concepts
  • 6 good guy (or girl) concepts
  • 12 color character counters
  • 12 b/w character counters
  • 12 color stand-up miniatures
  • 12 b/w stand-up miniatures
  • 12 Condition Token for use with M&M Superlink games.